Jeff Walters for Leader of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party

Where Jeff Stands

On the issues


We all have the right to our choice in health services. To become someone who is treated the way they want to be treated because they are in control of their health choices.


Public education is the pathway to opportunity, and one of our greatest equalizers.


The actions of those before us have left us feeling like our society is stained and the pain in certain communities and people are still ongoing and should be recognized and resolved.


Often, rural Saskatchewan is not a priority for government. You feel abandoned and forgotten. It is common for people to feel segregated on provincial issues and excluded from decisions made by the province.

Saskatchewan Film Tax Credit

Jeff proposes not to just reinstate the Film Tax Credit but to support a path towards a Modern Film Industry in Saskatchewan


You want to be heard because you want to be a change maker, owner of your own destiny.


We should show that seniors be respected and be shown the dignity they deserve.


We want to live a good quality of life with our family. To become a respected breadwinner for those we care about.

Green Transition

With the current Energy and Economy policies, many Saskatchewan residents unwillingly are helping to destroy our Planet. You should not be forced, by lack of choice, to destroy the planet.