Jeff Walters for Leader of the Saskatchewan Liberal Party


Rural Renewal

Often, rural Saskatchewan is not a priority for government. You feel abandoned and forgotten. It is common for people to feel segregated on provincial issues and excluded from decisions made by the province.

Reconnecting with rural saskatchewan

As a rural voter, there are many times when you might feel Like your issues and concerns need more attention and a sympathetic Government that listens and more importantly, has answers. If that happened, you might finally feel like you are a part of the decisions of Saskatchewan.

So often, rural Saskatchewan is not top of mind with government. You feel like you are taken for granted and forgotten. Many feel separated on provincial issues and not part of provincial decisions.

And the fact is that Rural Saskatchewan is an integral part of our Province. Saskatchewan doesn’t work without our Rural Communities.

Jeff has seen many of the policies being shoved down the throat of Rural Saskatchewan and they are not right for the Province and certainly not Rural Saskatchewan. Everywhere we look, another family farm disappears into the history book instead of creating opportunity for the next generation.

Jeff understands what you are going through. Jeff has worked and helped implement with the Canadian Agriculture Income Stabilization or AgriStability.

Destruction of their livelihood and lifestyle is a fear, and a reasonable one, that many Saskatchewan farming families feel is likely to occur.

Help avoid the collapse of your Rural Communities by partnering with Jeff and have a choice whether to farm or not for you and your kids.

Take control over the future of your farm by partnering with Jeff.